Welcome To Severus Games


Welcome to Severus Games, We talk about everything game wise as well. We bring news of games, discussions, and reviews. I hope your are interested in what we are doing here. Be aware that things will start out slow and steady. Please continue to follow us as we slowly get off the ground.

Like what you find here? Please jump to the youtube channel or my twitch channel to get even more content: youtube.com/severusgames, Twitch.tv/mwehawkins/profile


Severus Games Categories 

Original Tales: Stories that are gaming related or something involving video games. Many may end up as series. 

Opinionated Thoughts:  Just random articles about whatever is on mind about games.

Update: Things that are going on my side or this site.

Everything else that doesn’t fit in any of those previous sections will be set to Uncategorized.


New Posts


Opinionated Thoughts

Original Tales


Video log of youtube channel

Video log of Twitch channel



Navigation of this site

click tabs to depending on what your looking for. The home page will show off polls, new content added, and the schedule(changes may occur).


Severus Games will never take requests of games, this reason being is because the content that is put on this site and the youtube channel is strictly what I want to be done. 


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