Xbox made it (with a few failures), and Ps4 still has light on it (fix soon sony!)

ps4 xo

This was going to be a discussion for the Xbox ,but i decided to go ahead with both consoles running some issues. First off if you buy day one consoles, your kind of the beta group to see if issues happen. They don’t know if the consoles are perfect, so don’t go blaming anything, it’s just your bad luck. Ps4 issues have few and very limited; such as a few having disc drives issues, and hdmi giving out. The Ps4 has a failure rate of around .4%, so this happening to you is very small. The Xbox is having a larger issue of the disc drive being faulty and grinding the disc. I hear that the os is being noticed with some issues, such as it being claimed to be incomplete. Xbox doesn’t have a failure rate yet, but knowing Microsoft they tend to have all kinds of problems with everything they try to push out. To me it’s going to be apparent that they will yet again rushing product out way to early. Just like EA they skip steps just to get it out, money hungry assholes. Sony was ready and they knew that they will have better chances with their hardware coming out almost damn near perfect. Sony has been doing technology for decades, so they know how to build hardware and make sure it comes out in good condition. I know sony for being great technology, reliable customer support, and being nice about all types of issues. The President of Sce, Hirai apologized for the ps3 psn hacking issue, and gave us free games to compensate for the psn shut down for a while. These games were not bad games, I got infamous out of it and got hooked on that franchise because of that. Call me a happy customer for life, thank you Sony for being so awesome for that.

My xbox experience has been very boring and never been a fan of Crapsoft, they turned me off with their OS and I certainly don’t care for  their hardware. Logitech is much better with PC tech then MS. If Xbox was completely a hardware side of the company, then maybe letting MS do the software for them then we might do better, but wait it is like that WTF MS! This seems to be the chance Sony can get back to the top of gaming again like they used to. Xbox has a great chance to be taken seriously by everyone this generation if they can fix the Xbox One issues fast. If you are interested in the true hardware results of the consoles being compared please see the Anand tech specs comparison report. They went very deep covering everything, even power consumption. The one thing that Xbox does good at is low power consumption, but maybe that’s the sign of lower specs then PS4. Please read that and be more informed on the truth of these consoles. PC assholes need to chill the f*** down and realize that these consoles being as good as they are, is a good sign for gaming. If you didn’t have your console brothers you would have a hard time in the gaming world. Like I keep saying we are here in gaming together and therefore be a community together. Put your differences aside ,and be brothers and sisters of gaming!

That’s my rant/discussion about the consoles, and my experiences.



Reviewicide: Bioshock Infinite, burial at sea


This is a review of burial at sea, a dlc made for Bioshock Infinite. This is a  great piece of dlc, a dlc I might add that defines what dlc is all about. This takes the gameplay, mechanics, characters, weapons, and abilities and combines it with the original Bioshock story line. It’s like having a new Bioshock game, it’s very good story. As with all Bioshock games, it is fun and very strong gameplay. This is one of my favorite shooters ever made. This will be an episodic adventure that pretty much makes a whole new BIoshock game. If your a fan of this series it is a recommended dlc to get, completely worth the price. Now if your new to the series I think it’s better to play the first two Bioshock games first. In this dlc you still have the sky hooks, which gives some fun fighting in areas. It really shows off the Bioshock continuity by showing the things off with Elizabeth’s commenting hinting towards the naming of Infinite objects. For instance Booker says we need a shock jocky, then Elizabeth goes off with he saying she’s familiar with it. As with the naming of the abilities, they went back to the plasmids name, but have the same abilities in Infinite. Basically it takes Infinite and coats it with Bioshock one.

It is a nice execution of making it seem like it’s a Bioshock original game. I hope to see dlc like this in the future from other developers, a lot better then just having skins, maps, and other junk. I like dlc that offers more of the game to be played, and adding replay-ability to the game itself.

This is a very simple review since this game has a good base that has been around for a few months, only thing was to say if it’s any different then the other bioshock versions. Not to mention the story of it, which everything in this dlc is great. I didn’t find anything that I found was a flaw. If you love this series please buy the dlc, its well worth it.